Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is really important for us and we don’t want to leak any kind of information about our customers in any scenario. There are some important things that needs to be clear out between the customers and us. You need to have a look on some of the main and vital things about our privacy policy. The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is that, your data is totally safe with us and there will be no harm to your data in future.

We mainly kept the data in our server rooms and as you can see that we are policy protected website that doesn’t share its information to another portals. The customer don’t need to worry about any kind of fraud or hoax while giving his/her information. It is the best and effective health website that doesn’t create any problem with the data of customers.

Types of Data We Collect

We only collect the selective data from our customers. You don’t need to face any kind of challenges while giving your information. Our company doesn’t sell your data in any cost. The main information that we collects from the customers are really basic like name, age, city, pin code and phone numbers. Well, there is no need for any kind of additional data to make out the purchase from any website in this world.

If any company or website is asking for more details like debit card, credit card, bank details and other payment portals then don’t get into the trap. Always go for the cash on delivery option to make out the purchase for yourself. There are n numbers of fake and copied websites available in the market who just rip the bank accounts of their customers.

Our Concern

The information of our customers is the most important thing to us. It will be the total fault of ours if any single information about our customers leaks from our end. We don’t share any kind of information to our customers and believes. That our customers will also not share their information to any third-party web portal.

We mainly focuses on our security so that our customers can freely send their information to us. We will not send you any kind of text message or any type of call for your purchase. If you get any call or text from then they might be trying to rip your bank account.

Only make out the purchase from our web portal by clicking on the links that are given on our page. You don’t need to go anywhere or to show your information while making the purchase. We will allot you the forum that will help you out in making the purchase with ease. There will be no further problems in your life regarding the data that you share. Make sure that you provide us the original information because. It will help us to reach at your door in shortest period of time.